Lin Chiao's Investment Casting in 2016

Never Stop Pursuing the Best of Investment Casting Technology

Metal alloy lost wax casting for AISI 303, Hastelloy C-22, ASTM A494, CW-12MW

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Lin Chiao Upgrades to Meet World Class Level of Investment Casting

For Lin Chiao, 2016 is a year for better work environment, production efficiency and greener globe.

Lin Chiao had a prosperous year in 2015. To stay competitive in the investment casting industry, In 2016, they've been upgrading equipment in order to achieve a higher level. Lin Chiao knows that clients care about the manufacturing plant's design, in addition to its safety for staff, processing management and possesses of equipment.

Therefore, Lin Chiao’s improvements include a wax injection machine, dewax furnace, sintering furnace, auto wax dispenser and metal spectrometer replacement. All of the upgrading is to achieve an increase in investment casting production capability, high quality casting results and cost-savings.

Because of the procurement of new equipment, Lin Chiao has been adjusting production lines and changing the look of the plant to create a better work environment. In Lin Chiao, ERP system is applied to enforce the stabilization of the investment casting process.

With metal alloys that contain dynamic elements, the investment casting process becomes more complicated. Lin Chiao never stops developing their casting skill on special metal alloys; so far there are AISI 303, Hastelloy C-22, ASTM A494 and CW-12MW. Various alloys are available in Lin Chiao to meet international clients' specific requirements.

Wax Injection Machine
wax injection machine for large object investment casting

Due to the increased requests for larger objects' investment casting, Lin Chiao has purchased a wax injection machine that will allow them to fabricate valves and pumps up to a maximum size of 600mm*600mm*600mm. To make it easier for operators, mold handling equipment is supplied.

Dewax Furnace and Sintering Furnace

For old dewax furnace and sintering furnace, they burn 0.5% low sulfur fuel oil to increase the temperature. To decrease carbon pollution and energy-saving, Lin Chiao uses electronic dewax furnace and sintering furnace to be environmentally friendly.

Dewax furnace for precise lost wax castingSintering furnace for precise lost wax casting
Auto Wax Dispenser
Auto wax dispenser for precise lost wax casting

For the old wax dispenser, wax refilling is done by staff. With the new auto wax dispenser, it is automatically refilled. The auto wax refilling system not only can increase production efficiency but also prevents injury.

Metal Spectrometer
metal spectrometer for precise lost wax casting

To achieve each client's high standards and ensure the quality of raw material, Lin Chiao has acquired a metal spectrometer. The new metal spectrometer's multi-model testing can detect each individual metal's element or the percentage of various properties in an alloy - quickly, accurately and efficiently. By using metal spectrometer, raw material quality is controlled and casted pump and valve's quality is ensured.

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