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Grundfos' Selection of Investment Casting Manufacturer – Lin Chiao

In 2014, the cooperation between Lin Chiao and Grundfos is going one step further; Lin Chiao is no longer just an investment casting OEM manufacturer. Instead of just fabricating pumps based on Grundfos' design, after years of working together, Grundfos now would first provide a sketch followed by a lengthy discussion about the technical aspects based on the design. Finally, Lin Chiao delivers a final design according to the discussion. It is a statement about how Grundfos respects Lin Chiao's professionalism, and Lin Chiao's performance has been fantastic.

The world-class investment casting manufacturer Lin Chiao has received 30-ton pump orders from Grundfos Taiwan, one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers in Dammar.

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Opportunity is for people who are ready. When Grundfos was looking for an investment casting manufacturer, Lin Chiao was all ready for the job.

The first procurement was made 7-years later after Lin Chiao delivered 9 sample pumps at the beginning. Seven years of communication and evaluation seems long, but the result was delightful. Grundfos' recent 30 tons pump order was an acknowledgement of Lin Chiao's investment casting skill.

Seven years ago, Grundfos was cooperating with a fairly big metal casting company using sand casting to make pumps, however, lost wax casting's advantage attracted them to switch to lost wax casting. Pinholes occurred during lost wax casting process; hence, Grundfos had to look for other suppliers for solutions.

When the manager of Grundfos showed up at the door with a large pump after a long drive all around Taiwan searching for an investment casting manufacturer, he asked Lin Chiao whether they can do it or not. He mentioned about the pinhole dilemmas with the other manufacturer, and would like to hear about the solutions.

Lin Chiao explained and proposed the pinhole solutions and Grundfos had Lin Chiao to make the samples. As a result, Lin Chiao had surpassed their large competitors and won the competition because of the high quality stainless steel pumps they made.

Based on the pump from the manager of Grundfos, a large wax injection machine that would allow 500mm*500mm mold size was required. Lin Chiao fabricated 9 pumps for Grundfos, and the pumps were tested for two years. While Lin Chiao was wondering about the test results, two years later, Grundfos asked for a quotation. After submitting the quotation, Lin Chiao waited for another two years and finally heard back from them. Grundfos made the first order from Lin Chiao; it was the first time after four years of waiting and Grundfos took it very seriously.

From mold making, sample testing, small amount production, different sizes of pump fabrication until the recent 30-ton pump ordering, it was a seven-year period of assurance.

For seven years, Lin Chiao has been performing high standard investment casting technology and providing professional consulting based on 24 years of seasoned experience.

pump housing

Pump housing

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Pump base



pump house

Pump house

Highly Precise. Appealing. Intricate Shapes Metal Casting – Investment Casting

Investment casting delivers lots of advantages for metal casting, including high production capability, especially for small or highly complex components, extremely good surface finish with very little machining, highly accurate and reliable form of casting, any components comprised of metals that are hard to machine or fabricate are great candidates for investment casting.

Grundfos Group

The Grundfos Group is represented by more than 80 companies in more than 55 countries. Today they are the world's largest manufacturer of circulators, covering approximately 50% of the world market for these pumps. Grundfos produces controlling pumps including axial flow propeller pump, submersible pumps, speed-controlled pumps, booster module piston pumps, Multistage centrifugal pumps and multi-stage submersible pumps to provide industrial solutions and Lin Chiao plays an important role providing high quality pumps with up-to-date investment casting technology.

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