Investment Casting For The Largest Orthotics Prosthetic Parts Supplier In The U.S.

UKAS, ISO, SGS Precision investment casting process Standards

Safe and Strong Orthotics and Prosthetics Lost Wax Casting - Lin Chiao

  • prosthetic parts from Lin Chiao
  • prosthetic parts from Lin Chiao

Lin Chiao's Investment Casting For The Largest Orthotics Prosthetic Parts Supplier In The U.S.

In the U.S., there are five big orthopaedic device companies, and Orthomerica Products, Inc. is the largest compared to others. Orthomerica Products delivers the most functional and comfortable orthotics prosthetic parts for muscle weakness and paralysis of body parts.

Orthomerica Products visited a few OEM lost wax casting suppliers in Taiwan and asked for completed SGS reports, but not every supplier passed the tests.

For prosthetic and orthotics components, investment casting metal-forming technology is applied to ensure each device's safety. Because of orthotics prosthetic parts' complex shape, one-piece casting is required. Therefore, a skillful lost wax investment casting manufacturer is critical importance.

After a series of rigorous assessments, Orthomerica Products chose a Taiwanese investment casting manufacturer, Lin Chiao Casting Co., Ltd., above other competitors. At the beginning, Orthomerica Products' was procuring half of the orthotics prosthetic parts from Lin Chiao, years later, due to their excellent performance, it is now 100% supplied by Lin Chiao.

Prosthetic and orthotics components metal casting

Since investment casting was discovered, the industry has grown steadily because of the low tooling cost, time saving, better finishing and the optional alloy choices. Investment casting allows you to choose various sizes of orthotics and prosthetics, from stainless steel hip orthoses to foot and ankle orthoses, and it also delivers great safety for the users.

Particular for orthopaedic device, while the world economy continues to face its difficulties, the healthcare sector in general and the orthotics prosthetic parts industry in particular is growing strong. For the level of detail and precision necessary for metal orthotics prosthetic parts, Lin Chiao uses the lost wax casting technique to meet tough requirements.

prosthetic parts

SGS tested prosthetics, orthotics


Orthomerica Products have chosen Lin Chiao, a Taiwanese lost wax casting supplier, as a quality manufacturer of their orthotics prosthetic parts. The leg orthosis attached to a patient's leg must be supportive, functional and comfortable, and any possible injuries caused by a defeated product are unacceptable.

For Orthomerica Products, each orthosis (KAFO/AFO) should be manufactured to the highest standard and met the criteria. Therefore, when choosing an investment casting component manufacturer, requirements are extremely strict. Based on 24-years of lost wax casting experience, Lin Chiao's stainless steel component passed all of the physical tests at SGS, and fatigue tests in the U.S. by Orthomerica Products.

Special formula prosthetic orthotics components' requests

Material formula is an important factor for lost wax casting ; it affects stainless steel component's strength, torque and fatigue capabilities. To achieve Orthomerica Products' high expectation on prosthetic and orthotics components, control of slurries, material formula adjustment and experiment were performed consistently.

Orthotics prosthetic parts with SGS reports and ROHS approval

tensile testing machine

Tensile testing machine

For orthosis component's physical tests, they include hardness tests, tensile strength tests, roughness tests, torque tests, fatigue tests, fracture tests and life cycle tests.

Water soluble wax for wax removal

Lin Chiao started to apply water soluble wax to enhance complex shape equipment's accuracy. For intricate and detailed stainless steel orthosis parts, water soluble wax is applied for fast wax removal of axle centers or inner wholes.

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