UKAS, ISO, SGS Certified Investment Casting Manufacturer – Lin Chiao Casting Co., Ltd.

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UKAS, ISO, SGS Certified Investment Casting Manufacturer – Lin Chiao Casting Co., Ltd.

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Lin Chiao's up-to-date facility and equipment blend well with their 24 years of investment casting experience.

For 24 years, Lin Chiao has always adopted new steel materials and new methods such as Hastelloy C-22, water soluble wax to enhance each casting product's accuracy. Lin Chiao not only is a lost wax casting manufacturer, they are also a consultant who's capable of providing professional advice based on their seasonal experience.

Lin Chiao's lost wax investment casting is applied to various equipment including orthopaedic devices, industrial pumps, bottle clamps, mobile and stationary mechanized equipment, large sized pumps and valves, etc.

Investment castingmakes use of most steel alloys containing stainless steel, carbon steel, carbon tool steel and high temperature steel, and Lin Chiao has processed more than 40 steel materials.

Their recent usage of hastelloy C-22 is an alloy which is resistant to abrasion, high temperature, thermal shock and oxidation. Lin Chiao provides great flexibility for rapid prototyping, small or big quantity orders.

Lin Chiao is an investment casting manufacturer with 24 years of metal casting experience

Investment casting is a job that needs seasoned casting experience in order to accomplish casting metal products that have great performance. Lin Chiao has been supplying casting process with innovative solutions to the international buyers including Grundfos, Orthomerica Products, Inc., Magnate Technology Co., Ltd., HYDAC, etc. Their casting products containing pumps, orthopaedic device, bottle clamps wide range of mobile and stationary mechanized equipment, etc. Lin Chiao is a lost wax casting service provider with UKAS, ISO, SGS Certifications, which prove their world-class casting process for the international clients.

certificates Lin Chiao's investment casting service is approved for its high quality
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