No More Sand Casting For Big Object, Investment Casting Is The Future

Seasonal Investment Casting Experience For Your Complex Metal Components

Lost Wax Casting For Large Complex Objects With Multiple Angles

  • general pipe fitting
  • butterfly valves

No More Sand Casting For Big Object, Investment Casting Is The Future

HYDAC is a worldwide supplier of fluid power solutions and their products cover a wide range of mobile and stationary mechanized equipment. Because of the large size of pumps and valves for fluid power components, they were originally using sand castings to fabricate the equipment; however, the advantages of investment casting prompted them to change. Lin Chiao is a Taiwanese lost wax casting manufacturer and was selected by HYDAC for the transition.

Since the casting process was specifically designed for sand casting, Lin Chiao had to modify the process to meet lost wax casting's process criteria.

"It wasn't all that smooth switching the process from sand casting to investment casting; the design of sand casting might be too thick or too thin when applying to lost wax casting's process, so the adjustment was essential. Our casting engineering team had to upgrade their technologies in order to manufacture the equipment, it was a learning experience." said by the manager of Lin Chiao. As a consequence, Lin Chiao's casting equipment was tested as level II after conducting x-ray fluorescent chemistry test, which met HYDAC's high quality policy.

Casting flow - shell removing
    Advantage of lost wax casting:
    sand casting process - pouring
  • For investment casting size and weight capacity, 700mm (100kg) is the maximum and 200mm (10kg) is the minimum.
  • The tolerance and limitations of Investment Casting dimensions, there are several factors including size, angles, flatness and weight. Therefore, when you consult with Lin Chiao, a professional assessment and report will be provided based on your casting product.
  • No restraint on investment materials, casting material can be stainless steel, carbon steel, carbon tool steel and high temperature steel, etc. Lin Chiao has casted over 40 steel materials in 24 years, including the recent popular one, Hastelloy C-22.
  • Suitable for complex shape model, precise and no tooling required.
  • Favorable for massive production and no waste of material.
 SandPermanent MoldInvestmentCompDie
Structural DensityGoodBestGoodBestFair
Pressure TightnessGoodBestGoodBestFair
Cost per PieceFairGoodPoorPoorBest
Production RateFairGoodPoorFairBest
Alloy RangeBestGoodGoodGoodFair
Design FlexibilityBestGoodBestBestFair
Size LimitationBestGoodFairGoodGood
Surface FinishFairGoodBestBestBest
Tooling Lead TimeBestGoodGoodFairGood
Mold CostBestGoodGoodPoorFair
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