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Precision Investment Casting Method for Over 25 Years

Investment Casting Technologies - Machining, Forging, Sintering or other Casting Processes.

  • Investment casting process - ceramic atuccoing
  • Investment casting process - tree removal

Lin Chiao - World Class Level Of Investment Casting Technology

Lin Chiao's Investment Casting (Lost Wax Casting) Products - all alloys valve, pump, pipe fitting, machine parts, general parts, automobile parts, manifold, marine parts, hardware, impeller and turbine, human body orthosis, etc.

Providing precision castings in all alloys, Lin Chiao's casting method is certified and capable of designing complex shapes of casting, which is why Lin Quiao serves worldwide clients with profession industrial solutions.

investment casting products

Lin Chiao's investment casting products

Lin Chiao's investment casting including wide range of industries, such as semiconductor equipment, marine part, controlling pump, orthopaedic device, medical.

The state-of-the-art investment casting engineering, production facility and test lab is why Lin Chiao is still being able to provide top quality products for their customers.

Lin Chiao's Precision Investment Casting (Lost Wax Casting) Technology

Lin Chiao's investment casting (Lost Wax Casting) technology is tailored to meet your specific standards.

  • Valve


  • pump


  • pipe fitting

    Pipe Fitting

  • machine parts

    Machine Parts

  • general parts

    General Parts

  • automobile parts

    Automobile Parts

  • manifold


  • marine parts

    Marine Parts

  • hardware


  • impeller & turbine

    Impeller & Turbine

  • human body orthosis

    Human Body Orthosis

Lin Chiao never stops developing their casting skill on special metal alloys; so far there are AISI 303, Hastelloy C-22, ASTM A494 and CW-12MW. And casting product includes valves, pumps, pipe fittings, machine parts, general parts, automobile parts, manifold, marine parts, hardwares, impeller and turbines, human body orthoses, which are manufactured to perform the best.

Lin Chiao's Precision Investment Casting (Lost Wax Casting) Processing

From mold design, mold management, wax injection, wax pattern, deburring, tree assembling, slurry dipping, ceramic stuccoing, drying, dewaxing, shell sintering, melting and pouring, shell and tree removal, sprue removal, bead blasting, pickling and drying, all investment casting processes are conducted rigorously.

Investment casting processing
investment casting process step 1 - mode design

Step 1: Mode Design

investment casting process step 2 - mode management

Step 2: Mode Management

investment casting process step 3 - wax injection

Step 3: Wax Injection

investment casting process step 4 - getting wax pattern

Step 4: Getting Wax Pattern

investment casting process step 5 - deburing wax pattern

Step 5: Deburing Wax Pattern

investment casting process step 6 - tree assembling

Step 6: Tree Assembling

investment casting process step 7 - dipping in the slurry

Step 7: Dipping in the Slurry

investment casting process step 8 - ceramic stuccoing

Step 8: Ceramic Stuccoing

investment casting process step 9 - drying

Step 9: Drying

investment casting process step 10 - dewax

Step 10: Dewax

investment casting process step 11 - shell sintering

Step 11: Shell Sintering

investment casting process step 12 - melting & pouring

Step 12: Melting & Pouring

investment casting process step 13 - shell removal

Step 13: Shell Removal

investment casting process step 14 - tree removal

Step 14: Tree Removal

investment casting process step 15 - sprue removal

Step 15: Sprue Removal

investment casting process step 16 - bead blasting

Step 16: Bead Blasting

investment casting process step 17 - picking

Step 17: Pickling

investment casting process step 18 - visual inspection

Step 18: Visual inspection

investment casting process step 19 - OQC

Step 19: OQC

investment casting process step 20 - delivery

Step 20: Delivery

Lin Chiao's Precision Investment Casting (Lost Wax Casting) Quality Control

  • automobile parts

    Automobile parts

  • pipe fitting

    Pipe fitting

Tensile test, hardness test, 2.5D measuring inspection and metal spectrometer, all of the test equipment is used to ensure 100% quality control.

Lin Chiao Company Introduction - The Investment Casting Expert

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